Hermon, Maine

24/7 Drive-Up, Self-Serve for Spreaders

Maine Salt offers local plowing contractors' access to salt 24/7 with our self-serve system. Customers can simply pull in under the chute, enter their PIN, and fill their spreaders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to wait for us to open, no need to check online for today's extended hours, and no need to message someone to come load you up. Get your salt anytime and do your work when you want.

We fill our machine with dried salt to help ensure it will flow without trouble and make it less likely to freeze up in your spreader. When filling, you can also choose to add a bit of color, at no cost, to help you see where you've spread salt. Not only does this reduce overlapping application, but it makes it more obvious to your customers that you've laid down salt. White salt spread on white snow isn't that visible, so a little color could help prevent customer callbacks.

Treated Salt On Demand

Finally, for a small upcharge, you can buy LiquiThaw Bulk treated salt, which the machine will produce on-the-spot as it fills your spreader. LiquiThaw Bulk is rock salt treated with a liquid solution of magnesium chloride, an agent to help prevent black ice formation, corrosion inhibitor, and colorant. Far more effective than simple rock salt, it works at lower spread rates (up to 30% less) and lower temperatures (-15 F). Excellent for pre-treating pavement before storms, it also leaves behind a residual effect continuing to prevent ice formation and melting snow into the next storm event. Plain rock salt loses effectiveness around 15 F, but with LiquiThaw Bulk, you can effectively treat your lots even in the bitter cold.

Call us at (207) 848-3796 to set up your account for access to the 24/7 self-serve machine.

Self Serve in Action