Hermon, Maine

Maine Bulk Salt Distributor

Maine Salt can provide bulk de-icing salt everywhere throughout Maine.

Choose Your Delivery or Pick-Up Option...

  • Truck-load delivery of either rock salt or treated salt* to the customer's site.
  • Customers can pick up their own dried rock salt or treated salt* at our site in Hermon. With an account, small loads (1-2 tons) can be purchased using our 24/7 automated attendant system. For larger loads and casual customers, manual loading is available when we are open.
  • We can provide our customers with load numbers so they can pick up salt in Searsport or South Portland. 10-ton minimum. Note that port salt is less expensive than salt in Hermon but has not been through the dryer, so is sold "as-is".

*Treated Salt: Our LiquiThaw Bulk product is rock salt treated with a liquid solution of magnesium chloride, an agent to help prevent black ice formation, corrosion inhibitor, and colorant. Far more effective than simple rock salt, it works at lower spread rates (up to 30% less) and lower temperatures (-15 F). Excellent for pre-treating pavement before storms, it also leaves behind a residual effect continuing to prevent ice formation and melting snow into the next storm event.

For more information about buying bulk salt, contact us at (207) 848-3796.