Hermon, Maine

Serving Maine, New England, and Beyond

Founded in 2004, Maine Salt Company is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor operating out of Hermon, Maine. Year-round, Maine Salt Company packages salt and ice melt blends for the winter, as well as fine salt for the lobster bait industry. Maine Salt does not operate a retail location, instead selling bagged products through retailers and distributors.

Along with bagged deicing products, Maine Salt provides anti-icing liquids, dust control solutions, and bulk deicing salt throughout Maine.

For local plowing contractors, Maine Salt offers drive-up self-serve ice melt 24/7. The process is simple... contractors drive-up, enter their PIN, fill their spreaders, and go service their contracts!

Finally, Maine Salt provides bait salt to New England’s lobster bait industry.

Carry Our Products

Retailers and B2B distributors: If you want to offer your customers a locally made ice melting product, Maine Salt is the perfect choice. As a small business, we have the benefit of a small, well-trained staff producing a quality product without much overhead. This allows us to price our products competitively and ensure timely delivery of the products you need. Our proximity to the stockpiles in Searsport gives us a nearly unlimited supply of salt.

Offer your customers the best ice-melt products from Maine! Contact our office at (207) 848-3796.

Competitive Prices, Quality Products

As a hard-working Maine company, we are committed to creating long-term relationships with our contractors, retailers, distributors, and bait dealers by supplying them with high quality salt, ice-melt, traction control, and bait salt products. We dry and screen our salt on site, giving us direct control over the manufacturing process and salt quality. We have years of experience in the formulation, manufacturing, and packaging of ice melt products.